UPDATE: Associated Appraisal assessors will working in the township beginning Monday, December 17th and will continue in the area for the next several weeks.  All staff members from Associated Appraisal will carry a letter of introduction from the Town of Vienna, a photo ID, and drive a red vehicle displaying the Associated Appraisal company name. If no one is home when visiting a property, a door hanger will be placed on the main entrance with instructions on how to schedule an interior review. Please wait for the door hanger to schedule your appointment. If you own rental property in the Town, please inform your tenants that we will be visiting that property in the near future, so we can have their full cooperation for this review.

Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. has been retained by the Town of Vienna to complete a revaluation of all taxable
property for the 2019 assessment year. The revaluation will establish new assessed values in an equitable fashion for all
properties in the municipality as of January 1, 2019.

Click Here for an example Introduction Letter: 2019 Res Intro Letter

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