UPDATE: Construction will begin Monday, July 27th. Stay alert and drive cautiously as at times Schumacher will be closed to all travel except for those who reside in the construction area.

As you may know, this years major road project is Schumacher Road from Easy Street to County Highway V. There will be detours set up as this will include road closures. Residents living on Schumacher Road will be allowed access only.  As part of this, the blind hill approaching Cuba Valley Road will be lowered to meet DOT requirements. By doing this, the town was able to qualify for a state grant that will reimburse the town 50% of the cost for lowering the hill. The hill by Hauser Road will also be adjusted to ensure proper vision of cross traffic. As part of the grant requirement, the road will be widened and the shoulders will be too.  This was due to the traffic study results that showed an average of 1,200 cars traveling on Schumacher a day. The first stage of this project will be the utilities being relocated. Please watch for the people working on the sides of the roads when passing.