Construction continues on Schumacher Road. The major hill approaching Cuba Valley is being lowered by 8′ and most of the removal has taken place.

The work on the rest of the road from East St. to Cuba Valley has begun as well. The goal is to complete this section before winter and hopefully replace all the culverts from Cuba Valley to Highway V before the weather turns.


Public Health is not prohibiting trick-or-treat, but has released these tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Only trick-or-treat with people you live with or within your neighborhood only.

Bring hand sanitizer.

Maintain distance and wear a mast.

Trick-or-treat hours in DeForest and Waunakee are 5:00-7:00 PM on Halloween night.


Due to COVID 19, many of the road projects planned for this year have started later this summer. We have been receiving numerous calls asking what roads are closed completely, what are the detour routes or when certain projects will be completed. North River Road has an anticipated completion date of November 2020.  County Road I began construction on August 24th. They will be replacing culverts from Hwy 19 to County Road V. It is our understanding this work will begin at Hwy 19 and gradually move towards County Road V but there has not been a definitive timeline provided. Schumacher Road work began August 20th on the hill approaching Cuba Valley Road. Easy Street to Cuba Valley will be closed until September. County Road DM from the west limits of Morrisonville Road to the North County Line is scheduled to begin work in September through November.  Patton Road is closed north of Oak Lane across the interstate. Local traffic will be able to get though on all these roads with the exception of River Road. As we receive updates, we will be sure to note them on our website.


For those who receive the newsletter by mail: The newsletter has an error under the November 3, 2020 General Election. The first day you can early vote an absentee ballot in person in the Clerk’s office is Tuesday, October 20, 2020, not Monday, September 21, 2020. All other information is correct.

As a reminder, you can visit and request an absentee ballot be sent to via US mail.


UPDATE: Absentee ballots for the November 3rd General Election were mailed on 9/16 & 9/17 to all who have absentee requests on file at the town hall. If you wish not to send your ballot back via USPS, the town hall has a drop box located in the vestibule at the town hall and is available 24/7 for you to use. The box is marked “Absentee Drop Off Site”.

UPDATE: Alot of residents are receiving 3rd party mailings from various groups regarding absentee voting. These are usually in the form of postcards. IMPORTANT…these are not coming from the WI Election Commission or the Town of Vienna and these mailings neglect to mention that you NEED to submit a photo ID. The WI Election Commission did a mass mailing in the form of a letter, the requirements, the absentee request form and pre-paid return envelope on September 1st. You should receive soon. You can wait until you receive these forms to help expedite your request or if you do submit the postcard mailing without a Photo ID, your request will be held up until our office is able to notify you of the ID requirement. Any questions, please give our office a call at (608) 846-3800 for any assistance you may need.

To avoid waiting in long lines on election day we strongly recommend if you are not registered to vote in the Town of Vienna REGISTER NOW. Simplest way to do this is to visit or you can print off the Registration form here at, supply a copy your proof of residency and mail both to Town of Vienna, 7161 County Road I, DeForest WI 53532 or put in our drop box located in the vestibule at Town Hall. As always you may come into the office and register in person during normal business hours.

In-Person Absentee voting will not be allow until October 20th per the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. You may request an absentee be mailed to you by visiting or you can print off the Absentee Application form here at, supply a copy of your legal WI Photo ID and mail both to Town of Vienna, 7161 County Road I, DeForest WI 53532 or put in our drop box located in the vestibule at Town Hall. As always you may come into the office and register in person during normal business hours.

Any questions, please call (608) 846-3800.


Country roads don’t build themselves! Lay the groundwork for better roads in your community by taking the census. Your response can impact
funding for things like maintaining local roads, bridges, public transportation, and more each year. Census responses provide data that informs where over $675 billion in federal funding is spent
each year. That includes money for things like Medicare Part B; Special education; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance; Substance Abuse Prevention;
Water and waste disposal systems for rural communities. So fill out the forms and help our towns funding!


Verify that the vehicle your are registering is clearly stated that you reside in the Town of Vienna.

The Town of Vienna does not have a wheel tax but the information aids the state in the following ways:

  • collect local county sales and use tax
  • comply with the Federal Clean Air Act requirements for vehicle emissions testing in certain areas of the state
  • collect county or municipal wheel taxes
  • assist local, state and federal government agencies to study demographics and assess future public needs

Click here to update your information:  Vehicle kept in information